Aloha! My name is Pakalana. I’m born and raised on the beautiful island of Moloka’i, Hawaii. Though small and slower, it’s the perfect location to unwind from the craziness of life & visit untouched Hawai’i. I love my home! I’m also a huge lover of the outdoors, traveling, capturing moments, empowering people and experiencing new things. On top of that, I’m also a full-time college student. 🙂 One thing you should know about me is that I LIVE to create. Create art, memories, music, laughs, joy, happiness, love, adventures and so much more beauty in this journey of life.

The Story Behind Naming ‘With Love, Pakalana’ ?

I’ve always loved writing. More specifically, writing letters, notes, journals, etc. From begging my parents to cut my hair or to asking for their forgiveness when I did something wrong, 7-year-old Pakalana wrote a letter for it all. It was the best and easiest way I could get my point across as a kid ( + it made me like 10x cuter). Anyone who knows me now, will say I take forever to tell a story in person. It’s true haha! But with writing, I can put my thoughts and words together in a way that makes sense. Even better… that makes magic. Hence the reason I decided to name my blog: with love, pakalana. It’s my digital letter to ya’ll. It’s how I can share my insights, favorites and experiences. It’s my creative outlet from life combined with my passion for story-telling.