That’s A Wrap: Summer ’17


Sad to say, Summer ’17 is officially over for me. Well, not completely… I have 3 weeks till school starts but I leave my beautiful paradise home in 13 days! That called for a little celebration + one last sunset picnic at my favorite place.

I’m the type of person who finds every excuse to celebrate an occasion even the most random ones! And there’s nothing like spending one of your last nights (for 4 months) in Hawaii than a beach picnic at sunset. Here’s my tips when planning + prepping for this shindig:

  • Plan ahead.

The thing about Hawaii is that it could be raining one minute and then sunny the next! Major bipolar weather. Make sure you plan ahead with the location and friends.

  • Get your essentials.

Only bring what you NEED. I’m guilty of overthinking and end up packing way too many unnecessary things. Not to mention having to carry and set up all of it! My picnic essentials include a big, boho blanket/towel, basket (to hold everything), a camera and food.

  • Don’t forget the music.

Very important !!!! 😉

  • Capture all the fun.

Let’s be real, everyone does things “for the pic” so bring along a polaroid, a camera or just your phone to capture your totally instagrammable picnic… Pics or it didn’t happen!

  • Keep it simple.

Ya girl loves those 4 course meals and all-you-can-eat buffets but ain’t nobody got time to bring that to the beach! Keep the food simple and tasty. Handheld foods, appetizers or even takeout suits perfectly. Keep in mind some foods can get soggy so prep accordingly. We opted for some take-out breadsticks! Easy & satisfying.

  • Have fun.

It doesn’t have to be summer in Hawaii to have a picnic! Get outside and enjoy some yummy food, great scenery and even better company anytime of the year!

Happy Picnic-ing People!

Follow me along on my adventures: instagram @paka_naka



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