The Best Advice I Can Give You On Self-Love

Some days I feel like Beyoncé and other days I’m Lay-Z. Haha get it?! I wish I could “wake up like this” and be “flawless.” Or I just wish I was Beyoncé…

But I’m me. (which is pretty cool too 😉 ) I’m sure Yoncé has days when she isn’t feeling herself. After all, we’re only human. I make mistakes and beat myself up for it. I fail at times, then get discouraged when I’m not where I want to be. I often pour my heart and soul into something and get nothing in return. I put so much of my time + energy into other people that I forget to take care of myself. I think we all need a balance between giving and receiving. Don’t get me wrong, giving is great! The world needs more kindness but what we also need as people, is love. Not just any love, SELF LOVE!

First, I want you to think of someone you truly love. I know, I know, I said we’d talk about self-love and we’re talking about other people again. Just do it! Got your person?! Now ask yourself: If it was in your control, would you let anything hurt them? Do you want to see them fail? How does it feel to see this person grow? Does your heart swell with pride to see this person succeed? You love this person for being who they are! When they struggle, you don’t bring them down more. You don’t think any less of them when they fail. You don’t judge them for their past. You don’t treat their dreams like it’s out of reach. You stand beside them in all their pursuits. You most DEFINITELY don’t base their worth on their “flaws” or physical appearance.


Be proud of yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be a friend to yourself. Self-love is not about comparison. It’s not about selfishness and it’s definitely NOT about ego. Everyone has the right to love themselves and treat yo’ self!! Here’s my advice on showing a little self-love:

  1. GRATITUDE – they really meant it when they said, “it’s the little things that count.” Changing our perspective to focus on the things we HAVE rather than what we don’t or wish we have help us to focus on what really matters. See the good in life and appreciate it. Mindset is everything guys.
  2. FORGIVENESS – let go of whatever’s holding you back. Especially if it’s in the past or regarding your “flaws.” Learn from your past and move on to bigger, better things. We’re not built to be perfect, accept that.
  3. ELIMINATE – if life doesn’t already do it for you, eliminate toxicity out of your life. It’s simple, if it’s hindering you from making gains, it’s gotta go.
  4. PURPOSE – set goals, dream big! Living your life with purpose gives you something to look forward too. Reinforce what you DO love about yourself! Pour passion into everything you do. What makes you get out of bed each morning??  **Side note: if you struggle to find motivation, know that you are not alone. Most women are good at masking their insecurities when reality is, everyone is going through something. Think of yourself as a work in progress and keep glo-ing up.

I promise you that only by loving yourself for who you are will you start seeing LOVE and SUCCESS flow through your life! However, this is not something that can just happen overnight and is not as easy as a couple of bullet points.  It needs to be practiced daily and progress overtime.

Let’s try this in the comments.. write 3 things you love about yourself! I’ll go first.

1) I love my hazel eyes. 2) I love my ambition. 3) I love that I’m an open person.

Now it’s your turn!




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